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Chitosan is a type of fungicide and plant growth enhancer which is composed of randomly distributed B1-4 linked D glucosamine and N-acetyl-D glucosamine units. This chemical compound is used for seed treatment and as a fungicide to help plants to fight with fungal infections. It can also be used for the variety of purposes including biomedical, research, filtering and weight loss. Chitosan is capable of reducing environmental stress occurred due to drought and soil deficiencies by increasing yield, strengthening seed vitality and reducing decay of fruits, vegetables, and citrus crops.


  • It is also used to treat high cholesterol

  • Fining agent for wine making

  • Also known as Flonac




Molecular Formula  : C56H103N9O39

CAS No.                      : 9012-76-4

EC No.                          : 618-480-0

Computed Properties

Molecular Weight            1526.464 g/mol

XLogP3 -21.4

Hydrogen Bond Donor Count     29

Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count                47

Rotatable Bond Count   27

Exact Mass          1525.635 g/mol

Monoisotopic Mass        1525.635 g/mol

Topological Polar Surface Area   808 A^2

Heavy Atom Count          104

Formal Charge   0

Complexity         2630

Isotope Atom Count       0

Defined Atom Stereocenter Count          45

Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count    0

Defined Bond Stereocenter Count           0

Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count     0

Covalently-Bonded Unit Count  1