DSMA Disodium Methyl Arsonate

DSMA Disodium Methyl Arsonate

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DSMA Disodium Methyl Arsonate is a water soluble, colorless chemical compound which is derived from methanearsonic acid. It is a type of organoarsenic compound having the chemical formula CH3AsNa2O3, which is used as a herbicide to prevent the growth of unwanted weeds and annual grasses in various crops. We offer DSMA Disodium Methyl Arsonate at highly competitive prices and in variable quantities as demanded by our esteemed clients. Before being approved fit for the use, it passes through different quality and safety parameters to assure its reliable performance and customer�s complete satisfaction.


  • Has molar mass of 183.93 g/mol

  • Can be detected by gas chromatography

  • IUPAC name of this chemical is Disodium methyl-dioxido-oxoarsorane