Humic Acid

Humic Acid

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Humic Acid is one of the major components of humic substances which are dark brown and major constituents of soil organic matter humus that contributes to soil chemical and physical quality and are also precursors of some fossil fuels. We offer humic acid, which acts as a plants nutrients as it provids the required minerals and enzymes to the plants. The humic acid is available in liquid & granules form to use it as required. We have a large production capacity and have been supplying bulk orders efficiently.


CAS number   1415 - 93 - 6

Molecular formula       C9H9NO6

Molar mass     227.1699981689 


IT IS A NATURAL DERIVATIVE OF Humic acid. It provides all essential nutrients of organic manure

Benefits :

  • It improves the uptake of micronutrients.
  • It increases the size of seeds.
  • It increases the root growth vigorously.
  • It hastens the crop maturity.
  • It helps the plant to light stress conditions.
  • It stops the flower dropping.

Contents :

Potassium humate, with natural minerals extracts.