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Mancozeb is formulated with utmost precision using the superior grade of maneb and zineb chemicals under the surveillance of our dexterous professionals. This compound belongs to the dithiocarbamate family and is a type of non-systemic agricultural fungicide. It can be used in fruits, nuts, vegetables, field crops and ornamental plants. Mancozeb is known for its multi-site protective action on contact and works by reacting and inhibiting the sulfhydryl groups of amino acids and enzymes of the fungal cell which results in the disturbance of lipid metabolism and respiration of fungus.


  • Water dispersible granules

  • It is not taken up by plants from soil

  • Can control many fungal diseases





Mancozeb pesticide used in agriculture which we provide with min. 85% purity.

It comes in WP (Wettable Powder) form.

Its chemical name is manganese ethylenebis (dithiocarbamate) (polymeric) complex with zinc salt while the molecular formula is C4H8MnN2S4Zn.

Molecular weight(Mass) is 332.71

CAS NO.: 8081-01-7.

As per importing country regulation all product with all its formulation and according to customer requirement we can offer.

Best quality Mancozeb 75 % Wettable Granules (WG) crop protection fungicide product manufacturing, formulation, supply and packaging job work services in India.

Carbendazim 120 g + Mancozeb 630 g WP is also supplied.

We supply Mancozeb Technical in India as well for Export.

We also provide supply and packaging of Mancozeb 80 WP (800 g/Kg) & Mancozeb 75 WG / WP (750 g/Kg) for Export to various countries around the world.